The Role of A Fire Warden

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The Role of A Fire Warden (Video/DVD)

Front Line Fire Safety Training. This Expert Training addresses the basic duties and the role of the Fire Warden.


  • Assessing Fire Safety Risks and Hazards
  • Spotting and Reporting Hazards
  • Your role in the event of a fire
  • How to Fight a Fire Safely in its Early Stages
  • Taking on a 'Leading Role' in Fire Drills
  • The Safe Evacuation of Staff in The Event of A Fire

Approximate Running Time 26 minutes

Customer Ratings for The Role of A Fire Warden

10 out of 5
Colin Haymes, 31st March 2015

Everything that I wanted.

10 out of 5
Simon Bell, 11th December 2013

Having been a Fire Marshall for a number of years I can confirm the DVD covers all the necessary areas and should prove invaluable in providing adequate training for a sports facility with a high proportion of part time staff

8 out of 5
M Bodley, 11th December 2013

The Role of the fire warden DVD was informative with clear dialogue throughout, very good.

10 out of 5
Ron Frayne, 12th December 2012

The DVD has proved to be a useful training aid for our organisation. We are able to train large numbers of people on multiple sites without the need for costly external trainers, we also save on travel time for staff enabling us to be more efficient. The DVD contains all the information staff need to carry out their manual handling duties safely. 5/5

10 out of 5
Lesley Clarke, 28th November 2012

Both DVD's were extremely informative and saved us immense time and staff absence as they were able to be viewed on site.

10 out of 5
Kevin Gray, 28th November 2012

This DVD is very informative and easy to understand. I use it for a target audience in West Africa, and they are very receptive to it. All of our fire wardens who have seen it are more enthused about their roles as fire wardens. As an unforeseen plus, we have noticed an increase in unsafe act / unsafe condition reporting from our wardens.

0 out of 5
Sue Newman, 20th September 2010

We ran the training dvd along with a fire extinguisher training course, both of which were received very well. The role of the fire warden dvd is very well presented and covers all aspects. I now have 10 fire marshals at 6 sites in place and playing an active role performing all checks and monitoring the site activities.

8 out of 5
Nicola Jones, 11th June 2010

4 out of 5 - very good generic dvd - covers all issues areas cleary and concisely. easy to understand

10 out of 5
Ken Manning, 10th June 2010

The service was excellent an the DVD was excellent too

8 out of 5
Cliff Noon, 24th May 2010

Will be shown as part of refresher training for a large hotel. I think it should go down well

10 out of 5
Brian McBrearty, 18th March 2010

"I found the DVD very informative and well constructed which enabled me to get the message through to our site operatives who come from various countries and sometimes struggle to understand English"

10 out of 5
Luisa Grey, 18th March 2010

The DVD’s we purchased from you scored a 5/5. It was really easy to arrange for the staff to watch the DVD’s on a rota system at their desk on their own computer. The DVD’s were informative and to the point. A much better option for a small company where sending staff out on a course would create a major impact on the rest of the team.

8 out of 5
Dee Hyatt, 17th March 2010

We are very happy with the video and have given it to at least 4 new Fire Warden members of staff already

10 out of 5
Eric McCann, 03rd February 2010

The DVD's The role of the fire warden and Fire safety are excellent. I have incorporated both into an extensive training programme for employees at major blue chip companies. The role of the fire warden has been exceptionally well met by all delegates and on course appraisals the DVD always gets a high score for content and usefulness. I strongly recommend these DVD's to anyone responsible for delivering Fire Training to staff or delegates.

10 out of 5
Peter Goodwin, 15th October 2009

We had recently updated our Fire Risk Assessment and appointed two new Fire wardens who both found the DVD useful and informative. We now have a permanent Training Program as a refresher/reminder and for future Fire Wardens within the company. Recommended.

8 out of 5
Simon Jennings, 03rd March 2009

This was a very useful DVD and would greatly assist in training a fire warden. Whilst we are in catering, the examples shown demonstrate quite clearly what the fire wardens responsibilities are. It was the right length of time so as to maintain interest

10 out of 5
Malcolm Broomfield, 28th January 2009

As a chartered safety professional I need DVDs that put across the message quickly are informative and add to what I can give during training. This DVD does all that and more and I can wholeheartedly recommend it. the content covers a number of examples and along with the fire safety booklets you have a full training system for fire wardens.

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