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Fire Safety and Security on Construction Sites

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Fire Safety and Security on Construction Sites

This is a dedicated safety title for construction site workers and has lively content demonstrating safe working procedures and precautions to prevent fires occurring on site. I


  • Security: signing in and out; challenging strangers; reporting damaged fences; being alert to faulty alarm equipment and cctv; securing of vehicles overnight.

  • Good housekeeping: keeping the site tidy; clearing up rubbish ; replacing loaded skips.

  • Sources of ignition: storing of flammable gases and liquids; using safe heating equipment; obeying the rules on smoking.

  • Action in the event of fire: raising the alarm; calling the fire brigade; evacuating the site; tackling the fire if it is safe to do so.

  • Fire safety measures: knowing what the alarms sounds like; keeping up to date with escape route changes; keeping escape routes and fire exits clear.

  • Extinguishers: knowing where to find them; knowing which to use; knowing how to use them; reporting if any are missing or damaged.

  • Hot work: getting and filling in a permit; keeping to the time limit; having the proper extinguisher handy; clearing up before starting and after finishing work; checking for a period after completion that nothing is burning; getting the permit signed off.

  • Arson: which leads back to security.

This title delivers expert information in an entertaining way set on a real construction site. Its ideal for training new staff or refreshing the knowledge of all site workers.

Running time: Approximately 19 minutes

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