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Health and Safety at Work DVD

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Health and Safety at Work DVD

AMAZING VALUE - Get the THREE health & safety titles and FOUR fire safety titles SAVE £234!

Contains the following individual titles on one single DVD

  • 1 - Introduction to Health & Safety
  • 2 - Office Safety Essentials
  • 3 - Manual Handling Essentials
  • 4 - Fire Safety at Work Title:- (a - Introduction to Fire Safety) (b - Fire Prevention) (c - Extinguishing Fires at Work) (d - Fire Evacuation)

Approximate Total Running Time: 85 minutes

Customer Ratings for Health and Safety at Work DVD

10 out of 5
Lorraine Boswell, 29th January 2013


8 out of 5
Mrs Suzanne Layton, 21st January 2013

Good, relevant content which is easy to understand and gets the message across. We will continue to use the DVDs in all our H&S training sessions going forward.

10 out of 5
Mr Robert Brailsford, 20th June 2011

Our current Health and Safety regime seemed to be lacking in some areas and we were looking for well presented and suitably rounded video’s for Health and Safety. When we searched for H&S video’s we came across this pack and it ticked all the right boxes for our Office, Warehouse and Fire Safety training. This has enabled us to move forward rapidly with our current Health and Safety training induction programme and also free up time for the Health and Safety team.

8 out of 5
Mr T G Mower, 5th April 2011

Nice simple explanations of fairly complicated issues, fits in well with company induction training. Great training aid!

10 out of 5
Miss Jane Dunster, 23rd February 2011

The DVD’s have been very useful in implementing our own in-house training program to keep our staff up-to-date with H&S in the workplace. We found the content of the DVD’s to be interesting and informative, it so far appears to train the staff with a clear educational tone. We now plan to use the DVD’s as a standard part of induction for new starters.

8 out of 5
Mr Paul Harding, 17th September 2010

Very useful set of videos for general staff training. Great to be able to pick and choose which ones to view.

10 out of 5
Mrs Rebbecca Symons, 2nd June 2010

The DVD’s are very informative, clear and simple to understand. They cover all aspects of Health and Safety in the workplace. The DVD’s are a far better way of educating employees rather than handing out paper manuals. My only negative observation is that should you watch all 7 titles within this compilation in one sitting, it is very repetitive. Several scenes and examples are repeated in various other titles. After watching the entire compilation I would suggest watching them one at a time over a few days so it’s not as time consuming and employees do not then loose interest or switch off . Overall it’s a useful, informative training tool.

8 out of 5
Mr Keith Quadling, 5th February 2010

We have shown the DVD we purchased from you to all our employees now. The DVD was very informative and explained all the items in a plain and simple way, making it easy for our employees to understand. I think the DVD will make a greater impact on our employees, as I think they will remember what was in the DVD, better than if we had had just issued booklets for them to read. We have produced a Moonraker Beds certficate to give to each person who has viewed the DVD, stating their individual name and date of the presentation. We had to laminate the certificates in the end, so they could put them on the wall by their work benches.

8 out of 5
Mark Bradwell, 4th February 2010

I found the set broadly encompasses the basic requirements for employee safety training and I am sure this will save me a lot of time and effort in the short term. The contents were very professionally created and I am sure that the employees will benefit greatly from the experience. If I do have a negative, then that would be the amount of duplication in the set, if you watch the whole series then a lot of the sections have component parts that are the same.

10 out of 5
mr ritchie hutton, 2nd February 2010

I have viewed many DVD’s over the past year and was looking for a value-for-money product that delivered the essential information I required. Compared to some information DVD’s on the market The Health and Safety Group has proved to be the most cost effective and informative. I would have no hesitation in recommending this companies product to any organization that takes its Health & Safety training seriously.

10 out of 5
Alan Collier, 17th November 2009

I thought that all of the DVDs were very good in their content, the manual handling DVD particularly is excellent and has been put into use already with our depots queuing up for their turn!

10 out of 5
mr ritchie hutton, 26th October 2009

Good value for money, informative DVDs. There are many such DVDs on the market and some of the quality is poor. When you think you’ve found a bargain it’s usually because the length of run time equates to no more than 5 minutes! Your DVDs were excellent.

10 out of 5
John Leigh, 23rd October 2009

We rate your service and help at 5/5. We had specific needs in a DVD, we only use short ones and we like them accurate. One of our clients is office based and we found the 4 DVD pack ideal for their requirements. Although we will probably not use all of the DVDs every time they are a useful addition for our trainers for those moments when they need to break up their training. From first call, to advice and ordering, to delivery of product the process was efficient

10 out of 5
, 11th September 2008

These videos are a good clear introduction to safety

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