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Fire Safety at Work DVD

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**Fire Safety at Work DVD** ***Get these FOUR Fire Safety DVD Titles in one and SAVE £87!*** This compilation DVD is the complete fire safety video training programme for your staff. **Contains the following individual fire safety titles on one DVD** * 1 - Introduction to Fire Safety * 2 - Fire Prevention * 3 - Extinguishing Fires at Work * 4 - Fire Evacuation Approximate Running Time: 40 minutes

Customer Ratings for Fire Safety at Work DVD

10 out of 5
Ms Helen Ebba, 19th October 2016

Speedy Delivery and very informative.

10 out of 5
Mr Guy Bramfitt, 10th September 2015

I purchased the 4 title pack which contains short videos on each of the main areas of fire safety. I used it as part of our annual staff health & safety briefing and found it the ideal tool for getting across the basics of fire safety. Having the four separate sessions on one DVD made it simpler to use and allowed natural breaks between sessions for questions and answers, discussion, etc. Staff found these bite size videos both interesting and informative.

10 out of 5
Miss Donna Douglas, 16th September 2013

Excellent DVD will assist us greatly with our training courses with an up to date perception of fire at work.

10 out of 5
Ms Elaine Dixon, 2nd August 2013

Excellent product. Very comprehensive and easy to use.

10 out of 5
Mrs Loraine Stacey, 5th July 2013

Very informative DVD, poster and booklets

10 out of 5
Mr David Smith, 21st January 2013

The fire safety DVD which I purchased from you has really ticked all the boxes. The fact it is comprised of four chapters into one DVD has made this much simpler to pass around the office to my assisting fire marshals. It has given valued information on what to do, how to use a fire extinguishers and most of all, how to manage and carry out a safe and effective evacuation. After holding a brief meeting with my Fire Marshals after getting them to watch the Fire Safety at Work DVD, they all have a much better understanding of what is required of them and the importance of their roles. I must also add that after researching into the purchase of the DVD, I found yours to be most cost effective.

10 out of 5
John Wiliamson, 5th December 2012

I found the video really useful. I like the presentation and quality and that is it up to date. Showing the in-cab computer system in the fire engine is useful and lets clients see what process starts during turn out (Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service was my old service and I recognise the control operator and fire engine!). The information is concise and it does not overdo things which often can be boring to delegates. The only criticism I could make (and I am being somewhat petty) is that when the staff are shown evacuating the building, they could have been more enthusiastic! Evacuations are serious events when it’s the real thing. Other than that, it does exactly what I wanted it to do and I showed it at one of my accredited courses yesterday.

10 out of 5
ANN DALES, 29th November 2012

The Fire Safety DVD is excellent. It covers all the necessary points for our fire safety instruction. We use it for each new employee and as a general review annually. I would rate it at 5 out of 5.

10 out of 5
Mrs Margaret Short, 29th November 2012

At this time of year we have very few employees and this DVD is allowing us to show it to individuals and as when they are able to view it. It gives us all the information we need to ensure our employees know the basics of fire safety. We can also use it in the season when we have a lot of seasonal workers, some only for a few weeks so this DVD can be used immediately they start work for us.

10 out of 5
Mr Luke Watts, 28th November 2012

We have found the DVD to be of benefit to our team in the provision of 1 of 4 fire training courses that we now have at our disposal at Ashgrange House that ensrue viability in meeting the needs of a fire training requirements for all staff.

8 out of 5
Mr Kevin Gray, 28th November 2012

Great DVD. Our auxiliary fire men really appreciate it. They are only recently trained and it was enlightening to observe them watching it. All of their previous training suddenly clicked into place. Thoroughly recommend.

10 out of 5
Mrs Janis Clarke, 28th November 2012

The best Fire Safety DVD I have come across in many years. I have now shown the DVD to 270 staff who agree it is a great improvement on films we have shown in the past. Rating 5 out of 5.

10 out of 5
Mrs Janis Clarke, 27th November 2012

Gets the point across, excellent for purpose.

10 out of 5
Mr Alan Martindale, 27th November 2012

Professionally produced and entertaining DVD package that covered all that was necessary to ensure that we completed Fire Safety Training for our employees.

8 out of 5
Paul Johnson, 5th April 2012

The recent DVD we purchased, "Fire Safety at Work", meets all our expectations. The decision to purchase this 4 in one DVD, rather than the individual ones, was purely based on the pricing. Initially we were only interested in "Extinguishing Fires at Work" DVD as a way of offering a training session to all supervisory staff but, on closer examination it was found to be advisable to use another section in our induction process. Upon purchase of the DVD it has been decided that all 4 sections will be put to use in different training packages. As for rating if it is a numerical rating it would be 5 out of 5. This goes not just for the DVD but, also the promptness of the service provided. As for future use, this DVD will be invaluable to our service. Our staff, who have seen the DVD, commented on was the relevance to our service and how our Catering staff can relate to it.

10 out of 5
mr douglas lamont, 24th January 2012

Excellent value for money Good for staff to view in manageable chunks therefore not taking too much time out of the working day. Covers all topics well

10 out of 5
Ivan Credland, 16th June 2011

We have found the DVD to be very informative and interesting and we would certainly recommend it be purchased by other companies

8 out of 5
Mr Tony Price, 16th June 2011


8 out of 5
Mr David Greenwood, 18th February 2011

Found this to be quite useful in parts, I was looking primarily for an aid to train Fire Marshalls which are in the main working in the Motor Vehicle Workshops. (17 locations) I have been able to adapt your dvd to our own circumstances in the main. Some sections I found were more helpful than others but it has been a very useful aid and has gone a long way in reaching my objectives.

10 out of 5
Mrs Linda Speed, 18th February 2011

I use this DVD for both my fire extinguisher and safety training course and my Fire Warden course. All feedback from the students has been positive and I was very impressed with the format and standard, as well as how quickly it was dispatched. I would definitely look at Business Safety Videos for future teaching resources.

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