Introduction to Health and Safety DVD

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Introduction to Health and Safety (DVD)

This fantastic safety awareness and induction title provides an induction to the key major health & safety risk areas.

Can be used for induction training or refresher training - use as stand alone training tool or as a classroom training aid.


  • First Aid and Accident Reporting
  • Slips trips and falls
  • Manual handling
  • Display Screen Equipment
  • PPE
  • Equipment Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • People at risk
  • Personal Safety

Approximate Running Time: 20 minutes

Customer Ratings for Introduction to Health and Safety DVD

10 out of 5
T G Mower, 23rd May 2016

Keeps Health and Safety in plain English

10 out of 5
Toril Simpson, 12th December 2012

The DVD was: -Very informative -Covered all aspects important to us (we have employees in an office environment but also on the road) -Up to date

8 out of 5
L SWEETMAN, 28th November 2012

We have recently updated our company induction process for new employees and have found the DVD very informative and helpful to us. The DVD is easy to follow at all levels from management to trainee. We would score the DVD 4 out of 5

8 out of 5
Lesley Clarke, 28th November 2012

Both DVD's were extremely informative and saved us immense time and staff absence as they were able to be viewed on site.

8 out of 5
Mike Matthews, 28th November 2012

I can say that the DVD is very good and it replaced a damaged one that we bought from you a couple of years ago. Proof, if needed, that we are happy with it!!

8 out of 5
Michael Beazley, 28th November 2012

We are a mental health charity and I found the Introduction to Health & Safety met our needs because it was generic. It enables us to train our staff, particularly those working shifts, ‘on site’ rather than having to pull them of shifts to attend formal training. I also find them very cost effective alternative to formalised training.

8 out of 5
Michele Gibbons, 28th November 2012

Thanks for your email and i’m sorry that I haven’t had time to respond to your original email. I have used the DVD a few times now and am very pleased with it. Although it offers only an introduction to the main areas of health and safety in the workplace, it is comprehensive and easy to follow. Some of it is not relevant to our workplace so the fact it is organised into chapters assists me greatly. I would happily recommend it to others and would rate it 4 out of 5.

10 out of 5
Alan Hayes, 27th November 2012

Good DVD and we will use this with all staff and new starters to the company. Well put together.

10 out of 5
Brian Birkin-Hewitt, 27th November 2012

Very good overall. Very good presentational content with a clear delivery that is very informative. Pitched at a good understandable level and supported by a good quality of filming. A perfectly suitable 20 minute video for staff training days.

10 out of 5
Anna Doherty, 01st December 2010

We are using the DVD for our Induction Training and are finding it very useful. I particularly like that it covers things like lone working, dealing with aggressive colleagues etc as this is not something I have seen in a health and Safety DVD before

10 out of 5
Les Robertson, 29th October 2010

DVD was everything I expected it to be. High quality and informative at the same time. Also impressed with the speed in which it was dispatched

10 out of 5
Lawrence Lewis, 13th October 2010

Another first rate DVD – thank you

10 out of 5
Michelle Brandwood, 20th September 2010

We have been happy with both the DVDs you sent. Very informative and the content and format of the DVDs is up to date and makes it more interesting than the old ones we had.

10 out of 5
Derek Maher, 20th September 2010

We take our H&S responsibilities very seriously and the DVD forms an important part of the induction process for all new employees and the basis for the foundation of H&S training. In addition all existing employees have also been shown the DVD to ensure a consistency across the business. The procedure is logged on the individuals training record and this then forms part of our accreditation review for Safecontractor and SSiP.

8 out of 5
T G Mower, 17th September 2010

Good information on a basic and understandable level, works well with our induction training program We have found the DVD’s to be very useful in our growing business and look forward to being able to use more of your services in the future.

10 out of 5
Ronald J Stark, 04th August 2010

I was glad I stumbled on your site as my subsequent purchases have shown. I found the set and the individual DVD's very informative and therefore extremely useful and the purchasing experience very pleasant and efficient

10 out of 5
carol turberfield, 26th April 2010

Very useful tool and will be used for induction and staff training

10 out of 5
MICHAEL ANSONG, 29th March 2010

I have used the DVD, and my colleague has also used it for training and we all say it is a good material which and value for money

8 out of 5
Stuart Pashley, 24th March 2010

We have viewed the DVD within our section and found it very informative and useful. The only reason I have not rates the DVD as a 5 is because there was no mention of Bomb evacuation.

8 out of 5
Sue Persaud, 28th October 2009

We were looking for a title to be used at induction that would give a brief introduction to the major H&S areas that are applicable to our site. Yours was the best out of the ones we reviewed. I would score 4/5. (Plain talking without being condescending as some are). We would have liked something interactive; we used to have this but the licence expired and it was not renewable. We follow up your dvd with more in depth training for whichever topics are applicable to the new starter

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